Having a professional polished look is easy as 1,2,3.

Whether you are a CEO, Entrepreneur, Attorney, or Ministry Leader having a polished look will help you look more established, confident, and creditable.

Your clothing is a representation of who you are. How you package yourself becomes your brand.

1. Wear clothes that fit and flatter your skin tone.

When it comes to your professional wardrobe, invest in classic quality pieces. It may cost you a few extra dollars, but in the end, it will save you money. It is best to spend the extra money on a good quality blouse that will last the test of time versus purchasing a cheap, less quality blouse that loses it’s shape after one wear.

Wear clothing that is age appropriate, reflects your sense of style, and makes you feel confident.You can dress professionally and still be fashionable. Also, make sure your clothing is appropriate for your profession.

In order for your clothing to fit properly, you may find it necessary to have alterations done. You may need to have your sleeves shorten or your pants hemmed to hit your shoes perfectly. Find yourself a good reputable tailor or seamstress.

Know what color compliments your skin tone. You know you are wearing the right color when your skin glows and your eyes brightens. It’s something about that color that pops on you. When you are wearing the wrong color, your skin looks dull with a washed out appearance. You may even look a little yellowish or look like you are sick. Stay away from those colors or at least do not wear them close to your face. If you are unsure, try your clothing in natural lighting, without makeup, and hair kept from your face.

Properly caring for your clothing will also help you maintain a polished look. Follow the instructions on how to properly clean your clothing, i.e some clothing are dry clean only or requires cold water when washing. You should also purchase good quality hangers that will hold the shape of your clothing. Stay away from those wire hangers. Invest in some sturdy plastic or wooden hangers that have divots ends to keep tank tops or silky fabrics from sliding off. For trousers, trouser bar hangers work best. Remember to hang your blouse from the inside to avoid stretching your collar. 

2. Wear accessories that enhance your outfit.

When it comes to accessories and your professional image, less is more. Earrings should not be overly large and dangling. One bracelet or watch per arm and one ring per hand will bring elegance to your outfit. Your necklace should compliment your neckline without taken away from your overall appearance.

Shoes should be polished. Heels should not be worn down or scuffed. Shoes should fit properly and heels should not be more than 3 1/2 inches. Toe cleavage should not be visible. (see photo).

Handbags and briefcases should be of good quality and kept in good condition.

3. Keep yourself well groomed.

Take care of your skin, nails, and hair. Skin care is vital when it comes to having a polished look. I encourage all of my customers to practice good skin care. A daily skin care routine will help your skin stay clean and keep you looking your best. Nails should be neat and clean, no chipped nail polish.  Makeup should be nicely applied using colors that compliment your skin tone and highlight your features. Foundation should be flawless and unnoticeable. Keep your hair healthy in a style that’s up to date and at a length that’s comfortable for you. 

As an Image Consultant, it is my job to help women achieve their goal in developing a polished look. 

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