School Shopping for kids – What do you do!

It’s that time of the year again – School Shopping

For me, that means shopping for five children. Where do you begin? Closet edit!


Closet Edit


A closet edit works great for children as well as adults. I completed a closet edit on each of my children, with their help of course. We removed items that were torn, stained, and too small. Usually we donate the clothing that’s too small or give to a local consignment shop. Next we completed a wardrobe analysis.


Wardrobe Analysis


This part the kids love because they get to decide the style they want to wear for the upcoming season and choose a color palette that best compliments their skin tone. My children fall under more than one color season, which works in favor of my youngest daughter since her favorite color changes every couple of months. I sit down with each child and analyze their wardrobe individually. We view the items that are present and determine which items are missing. We also discuss their individual style. My boys are more laid back. They like jeans and novelty tee shirts. Our discussion focuses more on what kind of novelty tees and what brand of sneakers they desire. My girls are a bit more active in choosing their styles. My youngest daughter is truly embracing the fall trend of animal prints. She wants Cheetah everything. My oldest daughter is merging the preppy look with the street style. She likes camouflage items, and boots with a variation of skorts. As you can see, each one has their own unique style!


Wardrobe Checklist


The information gathered from the wardrobe analysis lead to a wardrobe checklist. This list is used for shopping and came in handy for many reasons.


1. It helped us to purchased items that were needed. This eliminated purchasing duplicate items.

2. It helped us to remain focus. We are easily distracted while shopping. For example, my boys always want to visit every video game store. My girls, on the other hand, wants to visit every shoe store.

3. It helps to stay on budget. The goal is knowing what you are shopping for and not to deviate from your list.

4. It helped provide a well-balanced wardrobe. This helps them maximize their wardrobe and prevents them from constantly wearing the same items repetitively.


Needless to say, school shopping can be fun and less stressful when you have a game plan. For tips or questions on how to implement a closet edit, wardrobe analyses, and wardrobe checklist for your children or for yourself, email me at

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