Secrets of a Mother with Poise

A woman with poise alludes to confidence. There’s confidence in the way she carries herself, how she walks, what she is wearing, and how she engages with others. When you see a mother demonstrating poise, you are completely blown away. You wonder, how can she maintain poise with five children? What is her secret? I want what she has!


Actually, there’s no secret. The woman you’re admiring is being herself. She doesn’t compare herself to anyone and recognizes that no one is perfect. She works on what can change and accepts what cannot.
A mother with poise respects herself. She does not self-deprecate to cover up any insecurities and accepts a compliment with a “thank you” and nothing further. Her behavior exudes honor and dignity.
She embraces her style. She’s intentional with the way she dresses, knowing how to utilize color, patterns, fit, and accessories to pull her outfit together.
When she is surrounded by her children, or not, she walks with great posture. Her shoulders are back and head held high, only looking down to admire someone’s shoes.
Understand that self-care is not being selfish. A mother with poise knows her family depends on her and you can’t pour from an empty cup. She eats right, exercises, practices basic grooming: hair, skincare, and nails. She takes time to do what she enjoys.
A mother with poise has as a presence. Specifically, when she enters a room, people notice. She practices positive body language which naturally draws attention. People feel comfortable around her. 

Being a mother doesn’t mean that you cannot be a woman with poise. Having children is a blessing, but it doesn’t define you. It will take effort and a plan, but you can do it.

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