Confidently You

A woman struggling with her confidence is reflected in the way she presents herself. Her lack of confidence can hinder her from growing, building, and moving forward in life and her profession. I’ve created a program that coaches women on how to develop their confidence and the skill set to present themselves as polished, professional, and poised businesswomen.

You can be confident!

Who is this program for?

Women who struggle with the confidence to speak and present themselves well

Women who desire to carry themselves as business owners but do not know how to

Women who constantly compare themselves to others in their field

Women who lack the confidence to operate fully in their business

What will you learn?

How to project the best version of yourself

To appreciate and trust your qualities, skill set, and experiences

How to speak, sound and present yourself confidently

How to handle yourself with confidence in social settings ​

Essence of a Leader

Leadership is about how well you can influence the people around you and how well you present yourself. Unfortunately, you can be in charge of a team or organization and not be viewed as a leader. You must be perceived as a leader if you want to be effective.

If you do nothing to improve your leadership image, what will it cost you?

Fewer business opportunities

A lack of skills to build and lead a team

Lack of promotions

Who is this program for?

Women who desire to improve their leadership presence

Women in leadership but are not conveying a leadership image

Women who want to speak with confidence and authority

Women who would like to enhance their leadership skills and professionalism to suit their business

Women who want to communicate appropriately and build credibility and confidence in their team

Women who have been overlooked for promotion countless times

What will you learn?

Boosted confidence and credibility in your business

How to develop exceptional business and social graces

How to align your image with your profession so you can project confidence and convey authority

Improvement in your leadership presence

Single Sessions

Single sessions and programs are non-refundable. You can schedule a Master Your Image Consult to see if the sessions will be a good fit. All sessions are confidential. (Disclaimer for both programs.)

One-on-One Session - 5 Sessions - 45 minutes

  • Personalized coaching sessions
  • Follow-ups between sessions
  • Create detailed action plans

Confidently You Coaching Program

One-on-One Coaching
 $850 (5 sessions – 45 minutes)

Essence of a Leader Coaching Program

One on One Coaching
$950 (5 sessions – 45 minutes)

Group Sessions - 5 Sessions - 60 minutes

Group sessions are designed to work with participants who desire to go through the program with someone of their choosing. This is great for Direct Sales Leaders who desire to see their team grow and develop in their business.

  • Select your participants
    • Team
    • Co-worker
    • Business Associate
    • Best friend
    • Relative

  • Be accountable partners to each other
  • Work on actionable steps together
  • Support, encourage, and motivate each other
  • Grow with someone you trust

Testimonies from Clients