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What is an Image Consultant and how can one help you?​

What is an Image Consultant?

As a child I had two passions, dancing and helping people look and feel great. During my college years, I focused less on dancing and more on helping people look and feel great. It wasn’t until I became an adult that the career I was so fascinated with was the career of an Image Consultant.

Who knew it had a title!

An Image Consultant is a hired professional that aims to improve the image of their client personally or professionally through appearance, behavior, and communication. Their mission is to evaluate, enhance, and upgrade their client’s appearance to ensure that their image is consistent with their personal or professional goals.

An Image Consultant provides services through coaching, seminars, presentations and workshops.

How can an Image Consultant help you?

  1. Do you have a love hate relationship with your style and dress habits? Are you constantly dressing below the expectations of your career or profession? Have you been looked over for a promotion because you did not look the part? As an Image Consultant I teach my clients how to use clothes, color, accessories and dressing techniques to convey their personal style and how to dress for success.

  2. Do you have a closet full of clothing but have nothing to wear? As an Image Consultant I can assess your current wardrobe, build a wardrobe with options and versatility, and bridge gaps by indentifying missing pieces and create a shopping list to bring balance to your wardrobe.

  3. Do you desire to be more graceful, have composure, and display self-confidence in the workplace and or with clients? As an Image Consultant I can teach you how to present the best aspect of yourself through your actions and communication.

  4. Ever wonder how someone can walk into a room and immediately change the atmosphere? They convey confidence and authority in the way they dress and carry themselves, and how they engage with others. It’s usually something about them that makes you go “Wow!” That’s what image consultants call “Presence” or “Executive Presence.” I work with clients to help them develop their “Presence” especially if they are in a leadership role.

  5. Do you understand the importance of a firm handshake and eye contact? Are you uncomfortable during business lunches, networking events, or making first impressions? As an Image Consultant I teach Business Etiquette so you can be comfortable in any situation.

These are some of the ways I help clients no matter the age, position, gender or status. For a better understanding of the services I offer or to schedule a one on one consultation, visit my website www.dlimageconsulting.com and call me TODAY!

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